Läsvärt om biologiska fakta

”Denying the dichotomy of sex prevents us from understanding one of biology’s most fascinating generalizations: the difference between males and females in behavior and appearance. /…/ Multiple studies clearly show that there are average differences between men and women in a long list of behaviors influenced by biology, /…/ Why on earth should our bodies reflect millions of years of evolution while our behaviors, thoughts, and psychology, molded by the very same forces, are somehow immune to our past? /…/ Still, human populations do show genetic differences from place to place, and those small differences, summed over thousands of genes, add up to substantial and often diagnostic differences between populations.”

Wow, jag har aldrig varit en stjärna på biologi, men det här var det mest intressanta jag har läst på länge om bl.a. kön, manligt och kvinnligt, etnicitet: https://skepticalinquirer.org/2023/06/the-ideological-subversion-of-biology/